Merry Christmas for 2018!

And a Happy New Year from ARPLAN

For Christmas this year, ARPLAN  gifts you something simple: a 1936 poem by an anonymous National Socialist from Auslandsdeutsche journal Die Brücke, which weaves National Socialist sentiment with the Christmas spirit and its Germanic traditions. The poem concerns a young “Hitler girl” who rejects the materialism and commercialization of the holiday with her gifting of traditional handicrafts, and who expresses a selfless purity and altruism through her concern and love for her family and her Führer. To allay her concerns, the poet teaches her that she can express her Christmas spirit best by extending it from her immediate family to the family of her nation  – and thus the modern Winterhilfswerk program, in which Germans organized en masse to provide donations to the underprivileged, becomes analogous to the ancient ‘Germanic custom’ of the giving of gifts around the Christmas tree.   


A Hitler girl recently stood before me,

And said: “Now, soon there will drift across the German land,

Our Christmas celebrations. 

I’ve already prepared for my favorites;

Handicrafts for my parents and aunts,

Grandparents and other relatives

They are lying in the drawer, wrapped up,

And with Christmas cards appropriately decorated.

I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone, 

Because all my loved ones will see the measure, 

Of how wholeheartedly grateful I am to them

They must see that in the burning Christmas candles. 

Only, one thing will not leave my mind:

Because I am a Hitler girl for the festival, I must remember him,

And send him, our Führer, something.

Yet what could I think of for Christmas gifts,

He will have it all!

And, it has also been said: letters must not come from children

Because the Führer definitely won’t have time

for children’s letters from far and wide,

And yet I would love to present him with something

O, if only I knew what would give him pleasure.”

“Head up, my girl, I have some advice!

The greatest pleasure indeed you could give, if by also

Rising to his command,

Your faithfulness against winter want.

And also tell other boys and girls,

Who would like to give him Christmas gifts:

From some pennies grow many;

So help the Führer towards this great goal.

That shall be your Christmas donation.

For Adolf Hitler! – Children, it’s a deal!” 

Poem sourced from Emily Turner-Graham’s “Never forget that  you are a German” (2011), Peter Lang

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