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    • Thanks! If you want to provide material for the blog send me an email through the Scuttlebutt tab and I’ll discuss it with you. Can’t promise I’ll post anything (I have a schedule of content I’m working through) but I’ll definitely take a look.

  1. This site is a Jerusalem for those with a hungry, truly anticapitalist soul, and I wanted to thank you for your grandiose work.
    Have a wonderful new year !

  2. Bogumil,

    This is Duty and Honor. How are things with you on your end? It has been a while since we last spoken, hasn’t it?

    I thought I should inform that my workload for this month has been trimmed down enough for me to look forward to the next ARPLAN Blog post as always.

    I still do not have enough free time this month to work on my Blog, but sometime within mid-to-late December, though.

    Anyhow, Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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