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    • Thanks! If you want to provide material for the blog send me an email through the Scuttlebutt tab and I’ll discuss it with you. Can’t promise I’ll post anything (I have a schedule of content I’m working through) but I’ll definitely take a look.

  1. This site is a Jerusalem for those with a hungry, truly anticapitalist soul, and I wanted to thank you for your grandiose work.
    Have a wonderful new year !

  2. Bogumil,

    This is Duty and Honor. How are things with you on your end? It has been a while since we last spoken, hasn’t it?

    I thought I should inform that my workload for this month has been trimmed down enough for me to look forward to the next ARPLAN Blog post as always.

    I still do not have enough free time this month to work on my Blog, but sometime within mid-to-late December, though.

    Anyhow, Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  3. Bogumil,

    I am proud to report that The Fourth Estate now has its own website domain and a finalized appearance. Overall, the blog is now presentable enough and the expansion in readership is steadily growing as always.

    Some of my readers do tend to also visit the ARPLAN Blog and vice versa among ARPLAN readers (albeit not at much). I will be sharing the new links to the updated website domains for its Blog and SMP Compendium.



    This is all coming at a time when there are enough SMP Compendium entries to provide basic information related to the Work-Standard, its intended functions and practical applications. My hope is that more people on my Blog will be interested in visiting yours so that we can spread greater awareness of your superb research thus far.


  4. This is a highly informative site. I really appreciate the work you’ve put into it. If I can assist you or you have any other ideas on moving these ideas forward please reach out to me and let me know.

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